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We are glad that you all enjoyed it!

Customers who used it for recording

Introducing the voice

​Please feel free to contact us regarding piano recording, YouTube creation, etc.

Dear I.Y. 

Thank you very much for the enjoyable time, not only the recording itself but also the piano and the studio were in the best environment. However, since our performance could not be called perfect, I honestly did not have high expectations for the quality of the CD.

However, the moment I played the CD...I heard a shockingly beautiful tone that gave me goosebumps! A realistic, three-dimensional, and pure sound that feels like the piano is playing right in front of your eyes. I can't express it in words, but this is the first time I've ever experienced something like this...I thought a recording was better than a live performance.
And I think this excitement is due to Mr. Sakai's personality. Even though I had no knowledge of recording, he answered all my boring questions, and even when my performance was falling apart, he remained smiling and kind, so I was able to relax and finish the recording. This time, thank you very much!


Dear K.O.

I listened to the recording! ! That's amazing! ! ! ! There are places where the sound is coming out in front, and places where it is echoing in the background, and the recording has a very three-dimensional feel, oh! ! ! I'm really surprised that a recording can reproduce the sound of a piano, such as the sound of a piano in a hall, its three-dimensional feel, and the ability to orchestrate with just that instrument.


Dear Y.I.

I got the impression that they were quick to respond, from exchanging emails for recording meetings to delivery. Thank you for not only recording the song but also for being attentive to my condition during the recording process. I participated with the purpose of recording the performance, but I was able to communicate with the Bösendorfer people, and the day turned out to be more fun and memorable than I expected. I learned a lot of things.


Mr. K.S.

I listened to the sample CD and was surprised at how good the sound was. The position of the instrument and the space are expressed, so you can't tell where the speaker is. The sound is beautiful and the pure feeling is perfect. I own quite a few CDs, but it's rare to find a recording with such excellent sound, especially the piano.


Mr. A.K.

The CD arrived! I was surprised at how well the sound came out. I tried listening to it, and I'm happy to hear that the sound was very good!!


Mr. A.S.

Recording with an engineer who I can relate to a lot gave me a sense of security and I was very happy. I was very happy and stimulated by being able to realize once again that I wasn't wrong, and to receive new techniques and information.


Dear Y.O.

The recording is wonderful! The 3D feeling is amazing. I also felt that I could clearly see the characteristics of the black and white keys. thank you!


Mr. M.S.

I was surprised at how clear the tone was, hard to believe it was our own performance. Thank you very much for supporting us with your wonderful technology.


Mr. M.A.

Sound punch, crisp definition, and dynamic range. Delicate and soft nuances of pianissimo. The bass of the piano roars violently, as if the earth is shaking. Professional recording is too overwhelming.

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