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About us

As Catalyst​

A recording engineer's job is not just to record sound. We want to be a catalyst that brings out the artist's charm and potential to the fullest while working closely with them.

Of course it's important to hone your skills, but what can STUDIO 407 do for you? I think about that all the time.


​To leave an impression

A vivid "rhythm" that excites your heart. “Harmony” is etched into a distant memory. A sweet and sad melody. Music has the power to move people's hearts and bring joy to their lives. The world seems to look different before and after listening to it... There is no doubt that a person's ``heart'' will become richer by accumulating such experiences one by one. “Surprise and excitement” are the source of richness. Music colors scenes in our lives with ``surprise and excitement.''

Through my work as a recording engineer, I hope to deliver the music created by musicians in a fresh package to as many music lovers as possible.

I look forward to the day when I can work with you all.

After working as a studio engineer at Warner Music Japan Co., Ltd., he worked at Sony Corporation's Basic Research Laboratory. Freelance since 2013. He has recorded numerous recordings including LOUDNESS, Pearl Brothers, Hiroko Kasahara, Jun Abe, Koki Matsuno, and Ryo Imamura.

Among artists visiting Japan from overseas, he has been in charge of recording studio live performances by Alanis Morissette, The Corrs, and others. When Prince came to Japan in 1990, three of the songs he recorded supporting Prince were included in Diamonds & Pearls.


At Sony Corporation, he participated in a piano research team as a sound creator. Engaged in research on the relationship between the piano's structure and its resonance, and the relationship between the pianist's touch and the tuning performed by the tuner. Our goal is to master the sound of the piano as a recording art that combines technology and art, and we are currently actively working on it.


As a recording engineer, I pursue the highest sound quality and am passionate about meticulous work. Music is my joy in life, and I always do my best to bring its beauty to as many people as possible.

My philosophy is to combine technical knowledge with artistic sensibility to capture the true soul of music. Attention to detail and the pursuit of the ideal are key to my work. We strive to ensure that each note, each timbre, has perfect balance and resonance.

Being immersed in the rich world of music is a moment of bliss for me. The moments we create together with artists are full of joy and emotion. I am always in the pursuit of innovation and am committed to using the latest equipment and methods to produce the best possible results in classical music recordings.

We look forward to meeting your recording needs with a love of music and professionalism. Please feel free to contact us.

Nice to meet you, my name is Mitsuyo Sakai and I work as an assistant at the recording site.

Our motto is to provide artists with detailed attention and quick setup. I always focus on professional support to ensure a smooth and efficient recording session.

We believe that responding accurately and quickly to detailed needs and requests in the music production process is an important element in maximizing creative results. Therefore, we always value communication with artists and strive to provide the best support to realize their visions.

Using our experience working in professional environments and our knowledge and passion for music production, we pride ourselves on always striving for the highest quality and creating an environment where artists can perform at their best. .

Thank you very much.

As a mastering engineer for Warner Music Japan Co., Ltd., he is involved in various domestic and international works, mainly Western music. After working in promotions at Avex Co., Ltd., she became an assistant at STUDIO407 in 2013.

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