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I'm Mitsuyo Sakai

Various consultations for classical musicians

STUDIO407 will use ChatBot to answer the concerns of classical musicians, based on his experience working at a major record company and past cases. Due to a small problem,

I will answer as many helpful points as possible based on my past experience, such as attracting customers, points for success in crowdfunding, financial independence, career plans as a musician, promotion, recording, etc.

Chat answers are helpful and general, so information may be inaccurate. For more information, please use the STUDIO407 inquiry form. ​

​We can answer the following questions

Here are some examples of questions answered by ChatBot.


Which is better for releasing music: burning a CD or streaming it?

Whether you choose to burn a CD or stream it depends on the artist, genre of music, fan base, etc. Generally speaking, creating a CD allows you to provide your music in a physical form so that your fans can keep it with them. CDs also have the element of being a collectible, which can make them special to fans.

Streaming, on the other hand, provides music in digital format and can make it widely accessible. Streaming distribution is mainly used by the younger generation, and is an effective means of cultivating a new fan base.

When deciding which one to choose, you need to consider your goals for your musical activities, target audience, budget, etc. It is also important to carefully research information on CD production and streaming distribution to find the method that best suits your musical activities.

How do I get sponsorship for a concert?

Here are some effective ways to get sponsorship when hosting a concert:

  1. Applying for grants and grants: You can receive financial support by taking advantage of grants and grants offered by national and local governments and private foundations. It is important to carefully prepare plans and application forms and explain them in a way that matches the rules and evaluation criteria of the grantor.

  2. PR activities for local organizers: By conducting PR activities targeting local organizers, you can gain publicity and sponsorship for your concert. It is also effective to approach them directly at conferences, etc.

  3. Disseminating information using the Internet: It is important to use free blogs and SNS (facebook, twitter) to disseminate concert information and generate interest. By disseminating information widely through the Internet, you increase your chances of gaining patrons.

  4. Distributing press kits and samplers: It is effective to use press kits and samplers to directly appeal to organizers and sponsors. A raw and persuasive approach is important.

Please give me a specific example of what type of recording quality is likely to receive high praise in competition recordings.

In order to receive high praise in competition recordings, the following recording quality is important.

  1. Natural Sound Reproduction: It is important that recorded performances sound natural and faithfully reproduce the timbre and expression of the instrument. Excessive volume adjustments and effects should be avoided.

  2. Preserving the dynamic range: It is necessary to preserve the dynamic range of the performance (range of volume from pianissimo to fortissimo). Care must be taken not to impair the rise of the sound or the range of expression.

  3. Make the most of the acoustics of the hall: It is important to take advantage of the acoustics of the performance venue or recording studio and record your performance with rich resonance. Appropriate hole selection and environmental settings are required.

  4. Conveying the performers' expressions: It is necessary to make recordings that clearly convey the performers' expressions and emotions. It is important to record performances that convey musical potential and future potential.

Please tell me about the key points for attracting customers.

Here are some ways to attract customers:

  1. It is important to clarify the theme and concept of the concert. In order to convey the content and appeal of the concert, decide on a theme and concept.

  2. It is also effective to narrow down the target audience for the concert. Think about the people you want to attend and decide on the date, time, venue, price, advertising media, etc. of the concert based on your target audience.

  3. It is also important to encourage word of mouth and referrals. By having visitors share their impressions and impressions through word of mouth and SNS, you can expect to attract more customers.

  4. As advertising media, it is also effective to distribute flyers and posters to acquaintances and friends, and to share information on SNS.

By utilizing these points, you can successfully attract customers to your concert.

I'm thinking of doing a piano hall recording. What points should I pay attention to?

Here are some points to keep in mind when making piano hall recordings:

  1. Choosing a piano: It is important to choose a high-quality, well-tuned piano. It is recommended that you choose a piano that matches the type of music and genre you are playing. Generally, high-end pianos such as Steinway and Bösendorfer are preferred, but it also depends on personal preference and budget.

  2. Tuning by a professional tuner: Before recording, it is necessary to perform tuning by a professional tuner. Accurate tuning is essential to bring out the maximum tone and expressive power of a piano.

  3. Selection of recording space: It is important to choose a space with good acoustics, such as a concert hall or music salon. In order to record piano sounds beautifully, an appropriate environment is required.

By keeping these points in mind and performing hall recordings, you can bring out the best of the piano and give the listener a sense of realism and excitement.

Please tell me the key points for success in crowdfunding.

The key points for successful crowdfunding are:

  1. Clarify the purpose and content of the project: By specifically explaining what you want to convey to supporters and what you want to achieve, you can increase trust and interest.

  2. Express your gratitude and feelings for your supporters: By conveying your gratitude to your supporters and your feelings towards the project, it will be easier to gain their support.

  3. Regularly disseminate activity reports and progress status: You can build a relationship of trust by valuing communication with your supporters and regularly reporting on the progress of your project.

  4. Choose a service or plan: You can increase your success rate by choosing a crowdfunding service or plan that matches the purpose, scale, and budget of your project.

By keeping these points in mind when proceeding with crowdfunding, you will be on the path to success.

get helpful answersThere are some tips on how to ask questions.

  • ​It is effective to add ``Please tell me as much detail as possible in bullet points'' at the end of the question.

  • ​If the answer you get is not sufficient, you may be able to get more in-depth information by continuing with "Please tell me more details."

  • Specify the purpose and background of the question: When asking a question to ChatBot, it is effective to clearly state the purpose and background of the question. ChatBots can provide better answers by understanding the context and intent of the question. For example, if you state the purpose and background of your question, such as "I would like to know about ○○ in order for musicians to utilize crowdfunding," ChatBot will be able to prioritize information that is useful for crowdfunding. Masu.

  • Limit the scope and conditions of questions: When asking questions to ChatBot, it is effective to limit the scope and conditions of questions. This is because ChatBot can provide more specific answers by clarifying the scope and conditions of the question. For example, the question ``What is the significance of ○○ for musicians?'' is so broad that it is difficult to obtain specific items. However, the question ``What is the role of ○○ for musicians? Please tell me about recording only.'' has a limited scope, so it is easy to obtain specific items.

  • Be creative with the format and wording of your questions: When asking questions to ChatBot, it is effective to be creative with the format and wording of your questions. This is because ChatBots can change the format and expression of their answers depending on the format and expression of the question. For example, the question "What does ○○ mean?" asks for a definition or explanation. However, the question "Please give me an example of ○○" is a form of asking for specific examples or examples. The content and amount of answers will vary depending on the format and wording of the question.

  • Ask questions politely and politely. ChatBots are not humans, but they talk like humans. Expressing respect and appreciation for ChatBots will help them respond better.

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