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premium recording

This is a recording plan for artists working in the professional field. We provide full support with the goal of creating a one-of-a-kind, "ideal piece."


STUDIO 407 will strongly support your musical activities.

Utilizing our extensive experience and professional expertise, we will flexibly plan a recording that matches your desired image.

​ High-quality sound sources, which are essential for an artist's growth, performance videos that show off their individuality, etc., are useful as communication tools for fans that lead to stable music activities.Please contact us.



taylor made

Through detailed communication, we develop a recording plan while sharing the artist's ideal image.


​Best recording conditions

Hall recording_edited.jpg

We will arrange the best conditions while keeping an eye on your budget, including selecting the most suitable recording venue, selecting a piano, and assigning a concert tuner.

Recording equipment_edited.jpg


​Cutting-edge equipment and technology

STUDIO407 has the most advanced classical recording microphones and recording equipment used in Europe, America and the United States. We provide the highest quality with recording technology based on many years of experience and achievements.


​Detailed editing and mastering


We handle editing, mixing, and mastering based on professional project management. With the goal of maximizing artist satisfaction, we proceed with the work while checking each step.



Promote prestige

In addition to the works, we also offer optional services that contribute to artist prestige. Please feel free to contact us about recording YouTube videos, producing PVs, recording live concerts, etc. that will contribute to promotional development.

Recording equipment #2.jpeg

As a Catalyst

A recording engineer's job is not just to record sound.We want to be a catalyst that brings out the artist's charm and potential to the fullest while working closely with them.

Of course it's important to hone your skills, but what can STUDIO 407 do for you? I think about that all the time.

I look forward to the day when I can work with you all.

​STUDIO 407 Takahiro Sakai


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