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Flow of recording request - Estimate - Recording - Delivery



concert recording


〇If you wish to make changes to the details after your request has been confirmed, please contact us at least 5 days in advance of the day of use. If possible, we will send you a confirmation of your request for correction.

〇If recording in a hall, etc., there may be charges for power usage, usage of 3-point microphone equipment, and usage of equipment such as tables and desks. In that case, we will charge you the actual cost.

〇If you are using a plan for studio use designated by STUDIO 407, please comply with the regulations for use of the studio. If studio equipment or equipment is damaged or lost, you will be responsible for compensation.

About cancellation

If you unavoidably cancel your request after it has been confirmed (after the request confirmation letter has been sent), you will be charged a cancellation fee as shown below, regardless of the reason.


【cancellation charge】

Contact us 2 weeks before the date of use: 20% of the estimated amount
Contact one week before the date of use: 50% of the estimated amount
Contact 2 days before the date of use: Full amount of the estimated amount

About payment of fees

Payment is by cash transfer only. After the delivery is completed, we will issue an invoice, so please transfer it to the specified account.


[Payment address]

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Gotanda Branch Regular 7765297

Takahiro Sakai     


*If you would like additional copies of the CD-R or CD pressing after delivery, we will provide a separate estimate.

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