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Ryoko Sugaya Recording at "Tokamachi Danjuro Hall"

We recorded a CD album over two days, November 20th and 21st. The recording took place at the Echigo-Tsumari Cultural Hall "Danjuro" in Niigata Prefecture, and the pianist was Ryoko Sugaya.

We had a recording session with Kantani in August, but this was a continuation of the recording session. In parallel, we were busy with photo shoots for the album jacket, interviews with the Niigata media, and filming a promotional video, all with minute-by-minute scheduling.

Tokamachi is one of the snowiest areas in Japan, so we were worried about snow from mid-November onwards, but we were fortunate to have sunny weather on both days, allowing us to proceed with the recording in comfort.

My work with Mr. Kanya started with a salon concert in February this year, and in the meantime, he has been very active, selecting pianos for recording, performing at Fukuoka FFG Hall, holding a recital at Shibuya Hakuju Hall, opening his own website and YouTube channel, starting a supporters club, etc. Mr. Kanya's performances have captured the hearts of discerning music fans, and his reputation is gradually beginning to spread.

Ryoko Sugaya pianist channel

The piano for this performance was also a vintage New York Steinway CD368 (made in 1912), brought in by Takagi Clavia Co., Ltd. This piano, made during the golden age of the piano, is difficult to control and takes time to master, but Mr. Sugatani has practiced it many times since selecting the piano, and gave us a performance in which he has grown to the point where he can call it a good partner. The hall is filled with the piano's distinctive sharp, crisp, and diverse tones, as well as its powerful resonance.

The recorded songs will be edited and mastered before being released on CD in March of next spring.

[Request for support]

We are seeking your support through crowdfunding for the production of Ryoko Sugaya's debut CD. As this CD contains Kantani's thoughts, we would appreciate your cooperation to the extent that you can.

[Ryoko Sugaya] 1st album "Twilight of the Piano Sonata (1853)" release support campaign

Here are some of the recordings.

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