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Arico Yamashita Recording Kyoto Concert Hall/Ensemble Hall Murata

Arico Yamashita's (Arico) album, recorded this summer, will be released on December 20th.

Arico Yamashita made her major debut in 1999 with the soundtrack "Kanata" for the film "Sennen Traveller" directed by Hitoshige Tsuji. He was officially invited to the Venice Film Festival and has since released CDs such as "image2" and "Between Calmness and Passion" in parallel with composing and providing music for films and television dramas. He is currently active in a variety of art scenes that go beyond music, for example as a personality on FM radio broadcasts.

The CD album being released this time is the first original album in 14 years and is therefore a long-awaited release for all fans.

The recording took place in the Ensemble Hall Murata of the Kyoto Concert Hall, which was designed by Arata Isozaki, whom Mr. Yamashita has met personally and respects greatly. I was entrusted with the contradictory and contradictory concept of creating a performance space. Mr. Isozaki designed and completed this building from the perspective of what is called "difficult integration," which involves the integration of contradictory elements. And it seems that this "integration" only manifests itself at the moment of playing the music.

Mr. Yamashita decided to shoot at this coveted location, so he visited the place in advance and prepared for pre-shoot checks. He decided on the schedule based on his intuition that the music would overflow from this space.

As with the recording 14 years ago, a Steinway piano made by Takagi Clavier Co., Ltd. was brought into the hall. Perhaps due to the atmosphere created by the room and the wonderful condition and resonance of the piano, the recording progressed quickly, and as time went on, Mr. Yamashita's performance became clearer, and before I knew it, the two-day recording schedule was almost over and I was finished on the first day.

Therefore, on the second day, Mr. Yamashita was allowed to perform his improvisation freely, and we decided to record the video at the same time. Many of Mr. Yamashita's pieces of music depict delicate scenes that somehow remind us of the mental landscape of his hometown. Therefore, we used the unique lighting system of this hall, which has a unique structure, to record it.

Currently, before the album release, the new song can be heard on Sundays from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on α-STATION (FM Kyoto) where Mr. Yamashita appears as a personality on the program “Arikopeaters Restaurant”. We deliver to people across the country via the smartphone and PC app (radiko) (fees apply outside the region).

【Arico Peter's Restaurant】

The album is currently available for pre-order, if you are interested please check it out.

We present the album PV.

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