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Ryoko Sugaya Piano Recital Shoto Salon

Ryoko Sugaya's piano recital took place on April 20th at the Takagi Piano Shoto Salon. The program consisted of two parts.

Bach: Complete Goldberg Variations

Beethoven: “Pathetique”, “Moonlight”, “Passion”

This program was to be recorded on CD starting in July so that guests could enjoy it early.

Mr Kantani's performance was full of enthusiasm as he played the vintage New York Steinway CD368, previously loaned to Carnegie Hall, and the packed venue was filled with generous applause.

After the show there was a social gathering with the fans, it was fun to chat with music and piano lovers and it was a great time to get a feel for what is to come.

Mr. Kantani just released his debut album “1853 Piano Sonata Twilight” on March 20th and is already busy with his next schedule.

Due to high demand, further performances will take place initially.

May 17 (Friday) 19:00 ~ Takagi Piano Shoto Salon

June 14 (Friday) 19:00 ~ Takagi Piano Shoto Salon

In July, we will begin recording our second album at Danjuro Hall in Tokamachi, Niigata Prefecture. On the last day of this recording (July 19), we will hold a public recording with the audience present.

The public recording will be an attempt to share a portion of the recording with the audience. Viewers will be able to witness the moment of the recording up close from the audience seats in Danjuro Hall, and we will also be live streaming so that those who live far away or are unable to do so can watch from the comfort of their own homes. We plan to make it available for viewing.

Public recording is not just a place where performances are recorded. The enthusiasm of Reiko Kantani and the audience intersect and create a special musical space. After the performance, we plan to provide an opportunity to interact with fans, including taking photos and chatting with them.

Please note the details, these will be announced on Mr Kantani's homepage.

Ryoko Sugaya homepage

We would like to introduce some of the concerts taking place at Shoto Salon.

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