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Junko Massaglia (Junko Massaglia) Recording

On April 30th, I recorded a piano solo and video at Kanagawa Art Hall. The pianist is Junko Massaglia. Junko Massaglia is a musician who is active in Italy, and she asked me to record her during her temporary return to Japan.

Piano Player's Memo (Junko Massaglia's blog)

Junko Massaglia is not only a pianist, but also an artist who has performed world premieres of comprehensive performing arts that integrate contemporary art, dance, poetry, and music, creating a new worldview that transcends genres. She has been awarded the Italian Presidential Prize and is active mainly in Europe.

Junko Massaglia is originally from Yokohama and is very familiar with the Kanagawa Art Hall, where the recording took place, which was helpful in making preparations for the recording go smoothly.

The tuning was done by Peter Yokoyama, the representative of Piano Clinic Yokohama, who was appointed by Junko Massaglia. It was my first time working with him. Junko, Yokoyama, myself, and the Art Hall are all from Yokohama, so we were fortunate to work with the Yokohama recording team.

Perhaps because she lives in Italy, Junko Massaglia has a cheerful and bright personality, but when she sits down to play the piano, she is like a completely different person. You can sense her intense concentration and delicate touch as she paints her own unique musical world. With just one note, she is able to create a worldview with a tone that captivates the listener, which is truly impressive.

Although the recording time on this day was limited, ending in the evening, they were able to complete all the scheduled songs and even had time to play one more song, making for a very dense recording.

We'd like to introduce two songs from the album.

Turina: The casino of Algeciras Op 15 No 2

Rachmaninoff: Tableau Etude Op. 33 No. 9

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