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“A recording that touches your heart”

Luxurious sound and high quality recording

We have started a high-quality, high-quality video shooting service!

While I'm close to you
Let's pursue the "ideal" together

Feel safe with female staff accompanying you!

Piano Recording STUDIO 407 provides professional piano recording. If you are thinking of recording a piano in a hall, please feel free to contact us. Helping you create your work. We offer full-fledged piano recordings, on-site recordings, and piano recordings, including concert recordings, competition recordings, classical concert recordings, audition recordings, video shooting, and practice studio recordings.
Feel safe with female staff accompanying you! High sound quality and low price. Please use it with confidence even if you are new to concert recording or business trip recording. 

[Piano recording service menu] Piano recording, concert recording, competition judging, Youtube shooting

piano recording

``Achieving luxurious sound and high-quality recording at a reasonable price!

High-quality piano recordings are available at package rates.

You can watch the introduction video (2:10)

① On-site recording at the customer's performance venue

Recording on Steinway B211 (Hamburg)

   STUDIO 407 designated studio (43㎡/approx. 26 tatami mats)

③Recording in a private hall (piano available)

  STUDIO 407 designated studio (47㎡/approx. 28 tatami mats)

④NYSteinway type Brecording at

  STUDIO 407 designated studio(30㎡/approx. 18 tatami mats)


The designated studio is a space where salon concerts (25 to 35 people) can be held. If you would like to have your instrument tuned, you can request it from a dedicated concert tuner (separate fee applies).

①Recording at the performance venue specified by the customer

piano recording

This is an on-site recording plan in which we go to a venue specified by the customer, such as a concert hall, music salon, practice hall, or concert. Although our coverage area is the Tokyo metropolitan area, we are flexible about recording destinations, so please feel free to contact us!

39,930 yen (tax included) / 2 hours

Transportation and parking fees to the venue will be billed separately. Extension is 14,300 yen/hour.

②Recording on Steinway B211 (Hamburg)

piano recording

This is a recording plan in a 43㎡ piano studio (in Yokohama city). The piano is a Hamburg Steinway B211 (made in 1975) and has been kept in excellent condition by a concert tuner.

Music salon Aria

53,130 yen (tax included) / 2 hours

This is a package price that includes all prices. Extension is 14,300The price is 1 yen/hour (studio usage fee included).

③Recording in a superb space with a ceiling height of 6m designed by ACT Environmental Planning Co., Ltd.

piano recording

This is a private hall located in Totsuka Ward, Yokohama City. A hideaway space where friends, acquaintances, and local musicians can listen and play music. 6m x 7.8m (28 tatami size), ceiling height 6m. Czech sound, recorded with Petrov P194Storm.


52,030 yen(tax included) / 2 hours

​You can choose pianos from different manufacturers. Please contact us as prices vary depending on the type of piano.

This is a package price that includes all prices. Extension costs 14,300 yen/hour (studio usage fee included).

④Recording with New York Steinway Type B

piano recording

This studio is equipped with a New York Steinway Model B (1931). Steinway technicians replaced the action, strings, and soundboard with new ones (in 1990), allowing you to record with a sound that can only be obtained here. Approximately 30 square meters in area. Recorded on a vintage NY Steinway.

Studio Piotita

50,930 yen (tax included) / 2 hours

This is a package price that includes all prices. The extension is 14,300 yen/hour (studio usage fee included).

Classical concerts, acoustic instrument performance recordings, concert recordings

(Orchestra, brass band, chorus, chamber music, guitar, harp, koto, shamisen, etc.)

piano recording

Please take advantage of our classical concerts and concerts and presentations with acoustic instruments! We will come to the venue of your choice and record the recording. We are sure you will be satisfied with the natural and realistic recording.

39,930 yen (tax included) / 2 hours

Transportation and parking fees to the venue will be billed separately. Extension is 14,300 yen/hour.

Submission video shooting for competition judging/audition

For competition judging

A cracked sound source or unclear recording will put you at a disadvantage when judging a piano competition. This is a recording/video shooting plan that allows you to hear the content accurately and clearly, and to highlight the charm of your performance.

We recommend hall recording, but piano studios are also available.

75,800 yen~ (tax included) / 2 hours

This is a package price.Transportation and parking fees to the venue will be billed separately.Extension is 14,300 yen/hour.

Shoot YouTube videos: Make a difference with skip-free sound quality

piano recording

Sample video

piano recording

YouTube videos are beginning to move into an era of "quality". Even if the performance is good, if the sound quality is poor, it will be skipped immediately. Would you like to make a difference in sound quality? Recordings will be conducted at designated studios or performance venues.

62,150 yen (tax included) / 2 hours

This is a package price. Extension is 14,300 yen/hour.Transportation and parking fees to the venue will be billed separately.

[Concert/Live announcement/promotion video production] Piano concert, classical concert, salon recitalvideo shooting

We will support you for the concert! Production of original PV that will differentiate you from flyers and still image postings

piano recording

I often hear about the difficulty of attracting customers for concerts and live performances. Publicity tools have become more diverse, such as flyers, social media announcements, and YouTube posts, but it is difficult to directly convey the appeal of an artist, and very few people are able to take the time to read the announcement content. It's reality. It is said that it takes about 3 to 5 seconds for people to judge whether they are interested in something.

[Let's use videos! STUDIO 407 will support those who are worried about attracting customers. ]

Would you like to step up from flyers and still image announcements to more interesting announcements with original promotional videos that highlight the appeal of music, images, and artists? We will listen to your ideas for scenario composition, location recording, etc. and produce high-quality PVs with high sound and picture quality. Please feel free to contact us.

[On Line Mastering Stream Service Optimization]

High quality mastering with YouTube optimization

piano recording

We have expanded our mastering menu specifically for YouTube, which has been requested by many users.
Have you ever uploaded a sound source you recorded yourself to YouTube, and when you listen to it, the sound doesn't sound good or the sound quality has changed from what you expected?
Traditionally, mastering has been processed to optimize playback according to the characteristics of the recording medium (CD, analog disc, etc.). Now, in the internet era, there is a need for mastering that is optimized for streaming as a new medium. In response to this situation, STUDIO 407 provides mastering services specialized for streaming services.


17,600 yen (tax included) / 1 song

Additional +5,500 yen (tax included) / 1 song

① More than 500 music YouTube production results
STUDIO 407 has worked on over 500 music YouTube videos so far. We will generously put into the service the technology and know-how that we have cultivated in the process to make the music listen better through streaming.

②Technology that minimizes deterioration in encoding and decoding and brings the sound quality closer to the original sound source.
Current streaming services use loudness normalization (limiting the volume to a certain level on the server side), and unless you upload the sound source at the optimal level according to the standard value, the quality will be poor and the dynamic range will be narrow. It becomes a sound. Additionally, codec (compression algorithm) processing on the server side causes considerable changes in sound quality, so even after codec processing, processing is required to restore the original sound impression. We will handle these streaming-specific issues in detail.

③Customize the sound quality according to the target playback device (smartphone, PC, Bluetooth speaker/earphone, audio device, etc.) (*optional)
If you would like to specifically target the playback device in the options menu, please specify the device you want and we will process it to give you the best possible hearing.

At STUDIO 407, we mainly support YouTube, but if you wish, we can also support other streaming services, so please feel free to contact us. As usual, we are also looking forward to your CD mastering requests.

Design cost: Free

[Disc copy] This is the basic design of STUDIO 407.

One master is a free service!

piano recording

・CD-R surface printing (color printing)

・Slim case (clear case)

CD-R 550 yen (tax included) / 1 piece

DVD-R 880 yen (tax included) / 1 disc

Blu-Ray-R 1100 yen (tax included) / 1 disc



About piano recordings and concert recordings

Is there anything I need to prepare before making an inquiry?

It's okay if the details aren't decided yet. If possible, the consultation will go smoothly if you organize the schedule, performance organization, recording time, desired plan if it is a piano recording, etc.

How many songs can I record with the package plan?

For concerts, the recording time is 90 minutes. When recording a piano, it usually takes about 3 to 4 performances until a satisfactory take is recorded. Therefore, it is safe to prepare the number of songs that can be recorded within 1/3 of 90 minutes = 30 minutes. If you can record OK takes smoothly, you can use the full 90 minutes for recording.

What is the breakdown of the 2 hours in the package plan?

The basic pattern is 90 minutes of recording time, 30 minutes of setup and teardown, for a total of 2 hours. Extension of recording time is 1 hour / 14,300 yen (tax included).

I have no experience in recording, is that okay?

Please rest assured. There may be some anxiety when it comes to recording, but as long as you just concentrate on giving a good performance as usual, you'll be fine. We strive to create an atmosphere that allows you to relax and concentrate.


Can I have it tuned before recording?

STUDIO 407 If you use it at a designated studio, you can request it to be tuned by a dedicated concert tuner. Tuning costs will be charged separately (please contact us for pricing).

Is it OK to record on-site at any location?

You can record at any venue as long as it has an AC outlet, space to install a laptop and microphone stands (usually 4), and a parking lot. We can flexibly accommodate your needs, including your home, practice room, live house, hall, etc.

I have a CD with the sound I like, can I make it sound similar?

If you have a favorite sound, please let us know in advance. We will do our best to get as close as possible. Also, even if you don't have a specific CD that you like, just let us know your sound image (something like this is fine) and we will reflect it in the finished sound.

Is it possible to record songs?

There is no problem with recording live singing with acoustic accompaniment, which does not require a PA (electronic public address system). We can also accommodate pop and jazz vocals that require PA, but please contact us as we may not be able to accommodate them depending on the format.


I would like to do full-scale video shooting, but is that possible?

STUDIO 407 focuses on high-quality recording, and does not perform expensive video shooting (requiring multi-camera shooting, directing, and editing). Currently, we are limited to video recording for competition judging and Youtube.

If you would like to record video at the production level, we will work with our affiliated professional video cameraman, so please contact us separately.

What kind of work is mixing and mastering?

When recording a live performance, multiple microphones are placed in different locations with different instruments and the reverberations of the venue, and are recorded on separate tracks, but these separate audio tracks are blended into 2-channel stereo to create a musical sound. The process of putting things together is called mixing. During this process, we also remove harsh parts and adjust the degree of reverberation to create pleasant music.

Mastering refers to the editing and sound quality adjustments performed when making the sound source obtained through mixing into the final master. By eliminating adjustments and volume variations between songs, the sound quality is comparable to that of commercially available CDs, making it easier for listeners to listen.

My location is far from the metropolitan area, how far can I travel?

Since you will be traveling by car, we are based on the range that is possible for a one-day trip. I don't think it's realistic from a cost standpoint to travel such a distance that it would incur transportation costs and, in some cases, accommodation costs. Please use your judgment when creating a quote.

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